The Imperfect Cafe

02: Healing Through Vulnerability

March 08, 2024 Darryl Stickel
The Imperfect Cafe
02: Healing Through Vulnerability
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María Trusa was born in the Dominican Republic. At the age of 9, she suffered a strong assault that almost cost her her life. Years later, it became her drive to achieve success.

María moved to the United States when she  turned 15. After a long period of adaptation, she learned the language, passed her school years, and later joined the Scarsdale Medical Group. She currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Formé Medical Center & Urgent Care in White Plains, New York.

Trusa founded the nonprofit organization Yo Digo No Más (I Say No More) in 2020, which focuses on raising awareness of the prevalence of sexual assault and abuse in Latino communities, helps sexual violence survivors break the cycle of abuse, and provides mental health and trauma-informed services for survivors and their families. 

In this episode, Darryl and María get vulnerable about healing through trauma, forgiving to live, and listening to learn.

Contact María:
LinkedIn: María Trusa
Instagram: @maria_trusa

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