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03: We Before Me

March 15, 2024 Darryl Stickel
The Imperfect Cafe
03: We Before Me
Show Notes

Kyle McDowell is a former corporate executive of three Fortune 10 firms turned bestselling author, speaker, and leadership expert. For nearly three decades, McDowell amassed an impressive track record of delivering great business results while leading tens of thousands of employees at some of America’s largest corporations, including United Health Group, CVS Health, Maximus, and Bank of America.

In his book, Begin With WE, Kyle shares ten guiding principles needed to build and sustain a culture of excellence. The 10 WEs establish a common framework and cultural currency that has the same value, whether used by the new intern or the most seasoned executive.

In this episode, Darryl and Kyle discuss some of the 10 WEs and how they relate to building trust, personal growth, the need for effective leaders, and how we can all own and learn from our mistakes.

Contact Kyle:
LinkedIn: Kyle McDowell
Instagram: @kylemcdowellinc

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